WoW – Alliance Battle Cry

So if you attended Blizzcon or had a virtual pass you would of gotten to see the band Elite Tauren Chieften perform. They are a blizzard band who many felt were horde bias over there song - Power of the Horde ( This year they released a song for the Alliance - We Never Shall Fall ( ). I think it was really well done byut my favorite part is the chorus " … [Read more...]

EliteGD going to personal Blog – Cloud Concepts for any projects

So after years of using EliteGD as my main freelance website, I've decided to change this site to be about me and my interests. You will see lots of technology information, gaming information and pretty likely to hear about my family and my dog Jaina =). Why did I decide to make this change? Well the main reason was when I selected my name 10 years ago I was 22 and thought everyone would get it and think it was cutting edge. Little did I know … [Read more...]

Athletics and Afters Re-Launch

History – The mission of Greenwich Catholic School draws together students, parents, faculty, administration and the constituent parishes to sustain our purpose: the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of the children. The process of Catholic education begins at home (Domus), continues in our school (Scola), and in our parishes (Ecclisia). Project – Web Design, Web Development - Problem … [Read more...]