Creative Projects – In Development Works

So my Goal this year is to expand my knowledge through creative projects be it freelancing or just for fun. On the Website Design Development Front I'm working with the Owner of to create an event site that will work for two counties and it's going really well. I'm getting to do a lot of experimenting with WordPress and plugins to try to organize tons of data into easy to manage and digest pieces. I worked with the After … [Read more...]

Missed couple of Round Ups so some rants for fun..

Well I missed a couple of round ups, it's a bit difficult to remember to sit down and write. It's not that I have a lot of people who are eagerly waiting to read about what is going on in my life or anything so I didn't really let anyone down. My blogging is more for me to practice writing, telling stories and keeping me motivated to work on creative projects. The bonus is that some people read it to see what is going on and chat with me about … [Read more...]

Weekly Round Up – WK 2

Family Fun This was a pretty great week, after the long work week and the kids itching for the end of the school year we wanted to get out. Well the great thing is it was opening weekend for Kings Landing which is fantastic, So we planned it out invited family, and friends and ended up with a group of 7 adults and 8 kids. At Kings Landing we got to see all of the new babies; piglets, lamp, puppy, calf, and a colt. We watched an older sheep … [Read more...]