Athletics and Afters Re-Launch

GCS Afters & Athletics - Greenwich featured

History – The mission of Greenwich Catholic School draws together students, parents, faculty, administration and the constituent parishes to sustain our purpose: the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of the children. The process of Catholic education begins at home (Domus), continues in our … [Read more...]

Thunderstruck K9 Training

Thunderstruck K9 Training_featured

History – Thunderstruck Dog training, is run by Bev Shepard, her and her dog Thunder are the heart of Thunderstruck K9 Training. Bev was focused on scent training and obedience in partnership with Carline Bird in the Saint John area. She has expanded out and is now offering Obedience classes in the … [Read more...]

Why is Mobile Responsive Important?

Well many people believe that having a website is all that you need to get your information out there and that is only partially true. If you have an event website or something that is providing information that people will want to access on the go Mobile responsive is not something you should … [Read more...] Messing up your Analytics? Filter it out

Google Analytics 2014-06-07 19-11-27 is an annoying analytic service that loads up your analytic systems with referral traffic that is not real referral traffic and bloat your data. What it really is, is a crawler but doesn't act like standard crawler systems, you should remove it from you analytics as it's not giving you … [Read more...]

Ted Talk – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Ted Talks are excellent and this happens to be one of the speakers I enjoy and this was a great topic. Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright … [Read more...]

Have a website but no time to update it?

This is common businesses and people know they need to have a website but they don't have the time to get things up there and changed out to really show what is going on at there business. Well this is something I can easily help with and it's really quite affordable. You know your business and … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.9 Managing your website just got easier!!

WordPress is one of the easier CMS systems out there to use and it's always getting better. The community is great and the resources support and the evolving system makes it the Prime Choice for any website. This is why I deliver WordPress based sites for my clients as it's always getting easier to … [Read more...]

The Ideal Length of Everything Online

A Co-worker of mine passed around an excellent article about the best lengths for everything from tweets, to headlines, to Facebook post to an email subject line. This is definitely a handy guide to hold on to for when you are working on your digital marketing. If taking an extra minute to limit … [Read more...]