WordPress 3.9 Managing your website just got easier!!

WordPress is one of the easier CMS systems out there to use and it's always getting better. The community is great and the resources support and the evolving system makes it the Prime Choice for any website. This is why I deliver WordPress based sites for my clients as it's always getting easier to … [Read more...]

The Ideal Length of Everything Online

A Co-worker of mine passed around an excellent article about the best lengths for everything from tweets, to headlines, to Facebook post to an email subject line. This is definitely a handy guide to hold on to for when you are working on your digital marketing. If taking an extra minute to limit … [Read more...]

ABC Fun Team


History – ABC Fun team is a Group of Dog Trainers - Amber, Bev & Caroline. Along with our dogs Eve, Thunder & Reba we will be bringing lots of doggy fun your way! They offer a variety of Dog training and sporting activities in the Greater Saint John Area. Project – ABC & Thunderstuck … [Read more...]

Afterschool Greenwich Catholic Elementary


History – The mission of Greenwich Catholic School draws together students, parents, faculty, administration and the constituent parishes to sustain our purpose: the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of the children. The process of Catholic education begins at home (Domus), continues in our … [Read more...]

Rock of Ages


History – Rock of Ages Music School is owned and operated by Sue Hachey, a veteran in the music scene. Music has always been a very passionate part of her life. She toured in bands for many years and now wants to share her musical expertise with you. Sue's goal is to deliver musical instruction to … [Read more...]

Played Out Fun Centre


History – Played Out Fun Centre is a children's recreational complex that offers age specific structures for children to master through physical play and spacious party rooms to hold special events.Children four and under have their own play structures suited for size and physical … [Read more...]

Source Formatting your Code – Dreamweaver CC


So at my new position at the main company I work for I'm now working with other front-end/back-end developers and designers on a regular basis. The  biggest lesson I've learned is about how much easier a project goes if you have clean easy to read source code. For those not in the html world it … [Read more...]

Looking for Computer Parts or a new Machine?

If you're in the market for a new computer or looking for parts you really should be looking at NCIX. They are one of the most affordable places to get parts, monitors, full computers and just about everything you could want. They are based right here in Canada which is another huge plus and they … [Read more...]

Website Maintenance


Trying to keep to keep your website up to date can sometimes be a hassle, when your busy running your business and you want to get your message up but don't want to/or have the time to fiddle with the HTML or your cms to get your information out there. Fire off an email to us and we can make those … [Read more...]

Calais Events


History – Calais Events is my first Tourism Community based website that has generated a lot of traffic and interest in a very short period of time. The site orginally was designed and built for the City of Calais Bicentennial evolved into an event listing/management website that is now a full … [Read more...]