Athletics and Afters Re-Launch

GCS_Afters_AthleticsHistory – The mission of Greenwich Catholic School draws together students, parents, faculty, administration and the constituent parishes to sustain our purpose: the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of the children. The process of Catholic education begins at home (Domus), continues in our school (Scola), and in our parishes (Ecclisia).

Project – Web Design, Web Development –

Problem – After the huge success of just the afterschool programs website last year. There was a request to integrate the athletics program as well. Parents loved how easy it was to register for after school programs and wanted the same for sports. The school administration agreed as it reduced the workload of administrators of the program.

Solution – Web Design, Web Development – We didn’t just want to add to the system that was in place but improve on it. We built it from the ground up offering both programs to be easily added and registered for. However we wanted to do some quality of life improvements for parents to easily find programs for there kids so we added in advanced filtering to allow them to find the grade and program type that applied to there child.

The new system has had loads of positive feedback and allowed the parents and staff to get information back in forth weeks sooner than the paper model. It was a great project to work on and working with the staff from Greenwich Catholic School was fantastic as always.

Thunderstruck K9 Training

Thunderstruck K9 Training - New Brunswick Dog Training at its Finest 2014-08-13 11-15-13History – Thunderstruck Dog training, is run by Bev Shepard, her and her dog Thunder are the heart of Thunderstruck K9 Training. Bev was focused on scent training and obedience in partnership with Carline Bird in the Saint John area. She has expanded out and is now offering Obedience classes in the St. George area and provide Obedience and Scent Work as her main two offerings. Bev and Thunder are both great instructors and loads of fun to work with.

ProjectThunderstruck K9 Training Website –

Problem – Bev had a website dedicated to the scent work that she did with Thunder and classes she offered for that part of her wheelhouse. However with her expanding to offer more obedience training she wanted to be able to incorporate both to communicate what her and Thunder are up to.

Solution – We selected a domain name that was more inline with her goals and not specific to Scent Training or Obedience specifically. From there we built out a mobile responsive website on the WordPress platform to allow her to continue to update her website easily and efficiently. We wanted to make sure that the website as easy to use on any device with the rise in people using there phones to look up information. For the design portion of the project we followed in line with the logo we designed. We wanted to continue with the Rockstar of the Doggie world the Bev and Thunder really are. They are a blast and love what they do and it was fantastic working with them.

Why is Mobile Responsive Important?

Well many people believe that having a website is all that you need to get your information out there and that is only partially true. If you have an event website or something that is providing information that people will want to access on the go Mobile responsive is not something you should ignore.elitegd_multi_device

You want your end users to have a good experience and be able to find the information easily and quickly on any device. As an example this year the International Homecoming Festival between St. Stephen NB and Calais Maine has a few websites that deliver information about the event to visitors if you search on Google. Now Calais Events is the only one that is mobile responsive and the Google Analytics showed that over the week of International Festival the story of just how important mobile responsive was.

Total Sessions – 974

Desktop – 458 – 47.02%
Mobile – 310 – 31.83%
Tablet – 206 – 21.15%

Over 50% was not on a desktop computer but on a smaller screen device, having a site that makes the information accessible in this manner makes it easier for everyone who wants to find the information.